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Neck and Back pain relief


Short term care, long lasting relief.

Just imagine...your life without neck or back pain?

 Is your life "on hold" for too long?  Are you gaining weight from being a couch potato?  Are you taking pain pills daily just to get by?  Have you accepted that you just can't turn your head very far when driving? lower back pain pain relief chiropractor

What is this pain telling you? Why do you have it?

 Your body is completely interconnected by 

fascia, ligaments, muscles, tendons and energy to your nervous system. When bones go out from overuse or injury, this tissue reacts throughout your body over time, building layers like a shield.  Sooner or later,  this will cause a chain reaction and pain that won't go away.

This is called Musculoskeletal pain  and can become neck pain lower back pain and Headache pain

Your pain is a sign, a chance for renewal!

This pain from the chain reaction,  Either acute or chronic, is stored in  your body.  To heal, these layers of pain, tension and energy will be released.  This stored tension helps power the change and rebirth from A BAD PLACE TO BE, to a life of satisfying activity with positive value and growth.  This is more than just pain relief, it is feeling good! 

You Can Choose!

Neck and Back Pain Relief!  No Contracts No Commitment Or Obligation. 

why south hill spinal care?

Fast relief

Most people feel way better after the very first visit.  You can too! We have the solution for lower back pain, Mid back, neck pain and headaches.

Be seen today

No hoops to jump through, just come in and be taken care of.  You have found your pain relief chiropractor

Short term care for neck and back pain

No contracts or long term schedule, you can come in as you choose to get the pain relief you need.

affordable/insurance accepted

Medicare, Work Injury, Car Accident  HSA. Regular Insurance,  No insurance?  Cost effective affordable rates.  You have found your lower back pain relief chiropractor

Accepts MD referrals

 More and more MD's are limiting opioid options and turning toward a safer approach, we love to work with this type of Doctor.  Your Chiropractor for pain relief

what makes us different?

Developed from Research


 Torque release technique TRT, is a mixture of the top systems of chiropractic assessment and care.  It encourages the body to heal and correct itself for true correction and pain relief

Trained by the Best


Dr Price was personally taught by  two premier leaders in Chiropractic research and training. Dr Jay Holder who developed TRT and Dr Kevin Hearon who basically invented extremity adjusting. lower back pain  chiropractor

Pain relief for you


 No matter how the pain started, a work injury, car accident, repetition of daily life and stress or all the above, you will be cared for here.  Pain relief today

Good things happen here.


You can get relief from

  1. neck and back pain
  2. headaches
  3. sciatica
  4. Pain in extremities
  5. lower back pain

Pain relief chiropractor

It really works


 You get an amazing combination of TRT and Advanced Principles of Extremity Adjusting to provide the perfect adjustment every time.   This means pain relief for you.


 You are a good person

  1. You take your job and responsibilities seriously, you are good at what you do.
  2. Your choices are based on your own criteria.
  3. you are good to the people and critters around you. 

Is it time to take care of yourself? 

Pain relief!

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