Who Am I?

Eastern WA hayfieldThe beautiful central plains of Washington State were the setting for my childhood home and adventures. When I got thrown from a horse on our family ranch, or got sick, my mother would take me to our family’s doctor. This special doctor knew that the human body understands how to heal itself. He did not use surgery, nor prescribe any medications. We got adjustments!

Our doctor was, of course, a chiropractor. I saw other sick kids get well. Sometimes people had to be helped into his office, then they would walk out on their own! People with all kinds of problems were helped by our doctor. Miracles were happening! Our chiropractor was so loved because he made such a positive impact on peoples lives.

Dr Timothy Price

WHO AM I NOW? All of this fascinated me so much that I decided to become a chiropractor myself. It was the best thing I have ever done, and I have never looked back! I feel so blessed to take care of people, especially people who have not found help elsewhere. Many who have given up hope, and others simply looking for a more natural way to take responsibility for their health.