Torque Release Technique (TRT)

What is TRT?  TRT is a specific, standardized form of chiropractic developed from a research study that is designed to give one of the most effective, consistent, comfortable and reproducible adjustments in the whole world.  Taking diagnostic elements from 7 other time-tested techniques, we have a technique that can be considered “the best of the best.” TRT’s diagnosis protocol lets the body tell where and when the adjustment is needed.

Integrator Adjusting Instrument
The integrator instrument was purposefully designed and built to reproduce what the hands achieve during a Chiropractic adjustment. A quick, low amplitude impulse, combining recoil and torque, produces  an effective and comfortable adjustment every time.  The Integrator is U.S. patented for the correction of subluxation and is registered with an FDA 510K clearance.

(Note: This is not an Activator, and has no commonality with the Activator Method.)